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Helston Engineering Ltd has produced a variety of special purpose machinery. Working along side the customer’s designers and using our knowledge of production techniques to ensure optimum quality, usability and economy. Machines produced over the years have been used for many different applications from the production of exhaust systems for cars to the processing of foodstuffs and testing systems for architectural hardware.


A 5 axis laser machine was developed with the Assay Office in Birmingham with repeatability accuracy to better than 0.001 of an inch. An identification number can be etched by a laser on to one of the facets of a diamond; this was developed to reduce the illegal trade known as growing diamonds.  One ton, six ton and twenty ton hydraulic presses were also developed for the Assay Office replacing antiquated hand operated ‘fly presses’ increasing production in the stamping of the Assay mark and reducing RSI in the work force.


A night light wax pellet rotary press and wick making machine were made to produce night lights to be used in underdeveloped countries. The night light would produce much needed light, warmth and a heat source for cooking. Also a conveyer system was made to help in the handling of boxes in a transport dispatch office.

The various applications and functions of the machines we have been asked to produce over the years have each set unique challenges, which we have had to meet and have therefore increased not only our satisfaction on successful completion but also contributed to the depth of our experience.